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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 7, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. manhunt that has rocked police throughout california. a former lapd officer suspected in three killings in a vendetta. christopher dorner says he was fired for being a whistleblower. district on alert. two
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women clear motive. details next. (male announer) live from the bay area's news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> developing tonight at eleven. authorities on high alert as the search continues for alleged cop- killerwe just received the latest update on the search now bernardino mountains. death >> so far, we have not located him. we will continue the search throughout the night unless the weather hampers the efforts. this area will have multiple command units patrolling alter the night. >>pam: swat teams have been walking the area, near the big bear ski resort, searching for the former l- a-p-d officer. dorner is suspected of killing three people. in what's being described as a violent vendetta against l.a. police. dorner is a former military man - a navy reservist. who was fired from the l-a-p-d. the search is focused in the southern california mountains because dorner's
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burned pick-up truck was found in the area earlier today. kron four's charles clifford shows us where police are focusing their search tonight. >> reporter: big bear is about 100 miles east of downtown los angeles, in the san bernardino mountains. this is a view looking north across the area, big bear city sits here and just to the south of town is the bear mountain ski resort. now christopher dorner's burned out truck was found along a dirt road roughly a couple milesto the southwest of the ski area. this is a very remote pine trees and ravines. the terrain here is steep and rocky, also in the recent past there are have been forest fires in this area that have left a lot of debrie on the ground, that could make it tough for search teams on foot. also, there are apparently
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about 400 homes nearby. a lot of these residences are vacation homes and probably empty. search teams have been going door to door checking theses residences now, a command post has been set up in big bear city and swat team members have been carried via helicopter from a golf course to the area where dorner is believed to be hiding. now, one other curious thing, the video your watching is from kabc in los angeles and they spotted a fire burning about a mile away from the truck. we don't know if this has anything to do with the search for christopher dorner, but the flames seemed very out of place and there didn't appear to be anyone in the area. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> still to come tonight. a closer look at the suspect's grudge against the l-a-p-d. when we will bring you details of his so called 'manifesto'. >>pam: three men are wanted in connection with an armed home invasion robbery this morning. in pleasant hill. kron four's philippe djegal explains the victim's terrifying encounter with the suspects. >> reporter:the two victims were too shaken up to speak with us on camera. but off camera, they say
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the suspects parked their white chevy suburban or trailblazer in front on this driveway on the 16- hundred block of wendy drive at around 11-30 in the morning. then all three men jumped out and hopped this fence and broke into the garage from the backyard. one of the victims. in his 30s. says he went to his car to grab something when he was pistol whipped in the head. he says all three suspects had guns. they dragged him through the house telling him to give up his valuables while his friend was held up in another room.
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the victim says the suspects dollars worth of stuff. a laptop, clothes, jewelry and money. suzzane damhesel lives across the street andf says hearing about the home invasion robbery frightened her. the victims released a vague description of the suspects to police. all of them described as african american men between twenty and thirty years of age. all of them were wearing dark masks. they were last seen speeding down wendy drive. if you have any information that could help solve this crime. call the pleasant hill police. in pleasant hill, philippe djegal, kron four news. >>pam: tonight, two gunmen are still on the loose after breaking into a vallejo home
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and opening fire on the three people who lived there. police say, early this morning, two male suspects in hoodies. kicked down the front door of a home on the corner of macdougal and sloat streets. they say, a mother, her adult son and daughter were in the house at the time. all three were shot, but are are expected to survive. no word on the motive. residents in san francisco's mission district are on high alert. that's after a pair of brutal attacks against women. police say, the victims were not robbed nor raped. just punched and beaten. the first incident happened on january 26th. on 23rd street near san jose avenue. the second happened february 2nd. on bartlett near 22nd. both women suffered facial injuries. kron-4's reggie kumar shows us the scene. where the incidents took place. >> reporter: the most recent assault took place can see there are several restaurants here. and college of san francisco's mission campus is located at this intersection. there's also an apartment complex. the area is dark and there were a lot of people walking around. the female victim was assaulted at 105 a-m. so there probably a lot of people on the street at that hour. a few blocks away. is where the first assault happened just after 230 in the morning. residents tell me this area needs more lights. including this woman. she says the female
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victim was beaten right outside her apartment. she says she called the city and demanded that they prune this tree, bacause it blocks a street light. in san francisco reggie kumar kron 4 news. >>pam: here's a live look outside at the rain hitting san francisco at the embarcadero. it looks wet weather hit the bay all day today. for more on that we hand it over to jacqueline. >>jacqueline: we do have some rain over the south bay. the satellite and radar showing that over the past couple of hours. dry for the moment but we still up plenty of shower activity. just offshore because the core of this is still to the north. it will be pressing through the coast. we could get caught with spotty
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showers. and even the early afternoon. here is a live look aside the golden gate. we are going to see those showers overnight again and the snow levels at 10,000 ft.. will talk at the thunderstorms coming up. >>pam: fairfield police working on a possible link between the murder of a teenage girl. which is similar to case that happened nearly a year ago. we're getting a look at a suspect who makes a brazen escape from san jose police and the north - east bracing for a blizzard expected to slam the area. well, well, well.
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san jose police have released this photograph of 32-year-old anthony sanchez. as they continue their search for him. he was in custody yesterday but managed to escape while handcuffed. he was arrested for a parole violation, but when left unattended, sanchez jumped into the drivers seat of a van. and took off. san jose police were able to track down the stolen mini- van. however sanchez was nowhere to be found. police are still searching for him tonight. keep them off:kaepernick the latest tattoo. and also, flacoo.. >> jacqueline: your full forecast, when we come back. there is no mass-produced human.
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>> pam: we continue our coverage tonight. on the manhunt for a man targetting police officers in los angeles. the suspect, a former police officer and navy reservist- christopher dorner - considers himself a whistle- blower -- who was wrongly fired by lapd because of it. he was furious about losing his job in 2008. and wrote a "manifesto'. discussing his plans for revenge. catherine heenan has details on that. >>catherine: despite all the photos showing a smiling christopher dorner. he has apparently been a very angry man. february 4th around 9 in the morning.he sat down to write his so-called manifesto on facebook. addressing it to "america". subject matter - "last resort" saying he wants to 'reclaim his name'. dorner says in part that he was targeted by the los angeles police department because he reported a fellow officer for kicking a suspect and using excessive force.
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in another incident.he says he squeezed an officer's neck after hearing him use offensive and racist terms. he says he now wishes he had simply shot the man. now, dorner writes "i will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in l-ap-d uniform whether on or off duty." >> it appears that the house a vendetta. not just the lapd, but with any citizen. it is it lost to approach him with extreme concern. >>catherine: dorner is angry about the people behind his firing. and angry about fellow officers he accuses of things like beating up a transient.pocketing drug money. perhaps not expecting to come out of the drama alive.
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dorner wrote "unfortunately, i will not be alive to see my name cleared.a man is nothing without his name" police in fairfield are working with authorities. to investigate whether the case of the suisun city teen murdered there. could be linked to another murder case from last year. the body of jessica funk haslam was discovered in a park in rosemont nearly a year ago. fifty miles away from the fairfield park. where genelle conway- allan's body was found last week. now. investigators with the sacramento county sheriff department have asked fairfield police to share information, in case there is a connection between the two crimes. >> pam: a massive and dangerous storm is threatening the northeastern u-s. a blizzard warning is ongoing in the area, and already, airlines have canceled more than 15- hundred flights. the storm is expected to dump 1- to 2 -feet of snow from the new york city area to boston and beyond.
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>> we are making sure that our stock of snow and salt clearing with snow clearing operations. >> pam: residents are making a run on food and storm supplies, while road crews prepare for the storm to hit. we've made sure our salt stockpiles are full. we're working on planning work shifts so beginning early friday morning, we'll start running round-the-clock snow and ice operations. >> pam: other possible concerns include storm surges and high wind gusts. emergency personell are warning people to stay home. and to keep roads clear for emergency vehicles new at eleven. several strong earthquakes are rocking parts of the planet >> jacqueline: as we take a look at the se we will see some shower activity to the el diablo range. we do have
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plenty of rainfall offshore to impact us for tomorrow. taking this wider view to the north. you can see that it is rotating. we will get close to some of these showers tomorrow. and 11, the offshore models initializing really well. it could be pretty accurate. and right now it will be rain over oakland, he word. and even areas of more moderate weather cells. heavier near the san mateo coast and notice the el diablo range is indicating snowfall! this system is bringing cold air with it. a light dusting at the higher elevations. and most of that
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rainfall will be gone at that point but there is a chance of isolated storms. even for the early afternoon. partly cloudy skies so the chance could be even some slight. the afternoon temperatures will be isolated. 50s in san jose. as for the sierras, a bit of a low. but as this continues to dive down, 2-4 in. expected. drier conditions for the weekend. once we get through the weekend the cold temperatures will be in the morning saturday, sunday. chilly. mild temperatures with the afternoon.
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>> pam: at 11, several strong earthquakes are rocking part of the planet. over the past seven days, the normal number of earthquakes magnitude five point zero around the world, has spiked, from 20 to one - hundred-17. seismologists at the u-s-g-s have been keeping a close eye on the seismic activity, and say, there is a perfectly good reason for the increase >> that is much
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>> gary: the final play of the super bowl was the free kick in which ted ginn was tackled to end the game but what if he broke it? mvp joe flacco had a contingency plan in place, as captured by nfl films >> if he starts to break it, go tackle. >> really? >> i do not know. >> if he breaks it, and to keep costs, tackle him! tackle him! i do not know what the rule is on that. >> gary: his entire thing is that he knew that he was on a microphone. he was playing around. and it is not in the rule book that they can be ruled out in the end zone.
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